Making over a busy family bathroom? A glass bath shower screen is a smart and practical choice. Designed to fix to the wall and over your bath, it’s easier to clean than a shower curtain, and will provide more of a sense of light and space, even the smallest room.

Moreover, Gao Yong knew that safety in the bathroom is of paramount importance and the screens are manufactured from tempered safety glass which has very high impact resistance to give the consumer complete peace of mind for themselves and their family.


We also offer a professional design and installation service so if you are unsure exactly how you would like your shower screen to look or need help getting your shower screen installed our team of shower screen experts are here to help.

Glass screens will give you the following benefits:

  • They are very easy to install

  • The screens prevent leaks and puddles of water forming

  • Low maintenance. The screens are very easy to keep clean

  • Water and steam is kept within the screens enclosed area

  • Flexibility allows for a creative solution during a makeover

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