About Us
Gao Yong Glass And Aluminium is the Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia, Johor. We specialise in  glass and aluminium products such as kitchen cabinet,shower screen,high performance door,aluminium awning,roller shutter and more over 20 years experience. Gao Yong do set up this line of business since 1996.

We continue to upgrade ourselves in order to serve our customer the best. At first we only provide kitchen cabinet and normal quality glass door for our customers. But now, we provide wide range of products, such as roller shutter,partition,upgrade the quality of glass door and kitchen cabinet and more.
Our vision is to provide more quality and creative products to our customers. Our mission is to be a leader glass and aluminium manufacturer in Johor Bahru. Gao Yong is on our way to be and we trust that we can make it.

Gao Yong do set up two showroom now already. One in Taman Desa Cemerlang and One in Taman Puteri Wangsa. Our showroom here provide Gao Yong’s handwork products in order to add on the faith of customers.
Our Team
Gao Yong have a sales team and production team of a given prefession training before we provide the service for customers. Gao Yong is not a company which always have comparison here, we are a team which have a leader who lead us and we always assist each other.
In production line, we are very particular in structural stability and durability. This is also our core strength in keeping our products safe to the user. Every master piece was done through a set of process to ensure all aspects of structure are carefully examined and passed with standards.

More in-house renovation are available upon request via the whatsapp and email below.

Quotation inquiry email: gaoyong1177@yahoo.com.my
Quotation inquiry whatsapp : 016-7069711 ( Ashley )
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