About Us
Gao Yong Glass And Aluminium is the Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia, Johor. We specialise in  glass and aluminium products such as kitchen cabinet,shower screen,high performance door,aluminium awning,roller shutter and more over 20 years experience. Gao Yong do set up this line of business since 1996.

We continue to upgrade ourselves in order to serve our customer the best. At first we only provide kitchen cabinet and normal quality glass door for our customers. But now, we provide wide range of products, such as roller shutter,partition,upgrade the quality of glass door and kitchen cabinet and more.

Our vision is to provide more quality and creative products to our customers. Our mission is to be a leader glass and aluminium manufacturer in Johor Bahru. Gao Yong is on our way to be and we trust that we can make it. Gao Yong do set up two showroom now already. One in Taman Desa Cemerlang and One in Taman Puteri Wangsa. Our showroom here provide Gao Yong’s handwork products in order to add on the faith of customers.
Our Team

Gao Yong have a sales team and production team of a given prefession training before we provide the service for customers. Gao Yong is not a company which always have comparison here, we are a team which have a leader who lead us and we always assist each other. In production line, we are very particular in structural stability and durability. This is also our core strength in keeping our products safe to the user. Every master piece was done through a set of process to ensure all aspects of structure are carefully examined and passed with standards.

More in-house renovation are available upon request via the whatsapp and email below.

Quotation inquiry email: gaoyong1177@yahoo.com.my
Quotation inquiry whatsapp : 016-7069711 ( Ashley )
Glorious journey in the glass and aluminum industry

With over 25 years of experienced in the glass & aluminium industry, Dato’ Chin Kim Leong (the founder of Gao Yong Glass & Aluminium Works Sdn Bhd) had made Gao Yong the leading enterprise by integrity and professionalism.

In the early 90’s when the economic in Malaysia started to raise and the housing industry was booming. Dato’ Chin Kim Leong, who had been involved in various industries such as car repair and furniture, realized the glass and aluminum decoration project with his business sense established in the mall for many years. The field has a lot of room for development, so he established Gao Yong in December 1996, starting from a small team of 5 people.
Over the past 20 years of his business journey, Dato’ Chin Kim Leong had faces 2 major crises: the 1997 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. The 1997 financial crisis happened in the early days of Gao Yong’s establishment. At that time, the stock market crashed, housing prices plummeted, and the country’s overall economy began to slump. Countless people lost their jobs or businesses closed down, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society was even greater.

The secret of Dato’ Chin Kim Leong 's success in the industry lies in his constant absorption of new knowledge. He said that if the company wants to make progress, the leaders themselves must first learn and be flexible, especially as technology is changing with each passing day. Technology and products, and actively introduce them to Malaysia to improve the technological level of the glass and aluminium industry in Malaysia.
Intention never change

Gao Yong Glass & Aluminium Works Sdn Bhd is a glass & aluminium solution in Malaysia since 1996. Gao Yong has been continuously upgraded and developed under the leadership of the founder Dato’ Chin Kim Leong. It has grown from a team of 5 people in the early days to a company with more than 50 people. Owns two showrooms in Taman Desa Cemerlang and Taman Puteri Wangsa to display various glass and aluminum handmade products to customers.

Facing a highly competitive and ever-changing market, Gao Yong has continued to innovate for more than 20 years, providing consumers with a wide range of innovative products and technologies. The only thing that remains unchanged in the company is the original business philosophy-integrity first.
Regardless of the size of the business, Gao Yong will always complete the work with the highest standards, strictly control the quality of the products, never cut corners, pay attention to the quality of after-sales service, and actively and promptly solve problems for customers. Gao Yong has won the loyalty and loyalty of a large customer base. Trusted, including many well-known international brands, such as Alibaba, Hup Seng, Hero Market, Prudential, etc.

Gao Yong aspires to become a leading company in the glass and aluminum industry in Malaysia. In the future, he will continue to stand at the forefront of the times, continue to explore the most advanced technologies and introduce them into production lines, and provide consumers with more creative and high-quality products that meet international standards. Strive to build Gao Yong into the first-choice brand in architectural designers, homes, businesses and other fields.
Eye-catching design concept that wins various attention

Gao Yong provides a variety of aluminum and glass handmade products, including explosion-proof glass doors and windows, glass stairs, glass roofs, glass walls, glass fences, aluminum pergolas, rolling doors, cabinets, shower screens, etc., a wide range of products can meet different consumer needs. All of Gao Yong's handmade products are made of substantial and thick raw materials. From production to sales, the most professional and experienced craftsmen are appointed to carry out the project. The production process is strictly controlled to ensure the best stability and durability of the finished product.
Gao Yong has completed more than 8,000 construction projects so far, and the projects undertaken include projects of different scales such as residential buildings, shopping malls, and industries. Gao Yong is not only known for his excellent quality, but also his glass and aluminum product design that breaks away from standardization and shows creativity. Whether it is a fashionable and popular glass house, or aluminum doors and windows with rich colors, and getting rid of stereotyped gray or silver, have won the favor of many consumers.

A group of experienced production and sales elites under Gao Yong are the powerful pillars for the company to realize various creative ideas. They can provide consumers with customized services at any time, carefully plan according to the needs of the other party, and actively provide related products and services. Information, to ensure that consumers feel at ease with product services, and to promise consumers to complete the project on time.
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