Gao Yong covers the roof with transparent glass or plastic designed to admit daylight. Unit skylights use sunlight in addition to daylight.Thus, a unit skylight can easily be three to ten times smaller than a window or roof monitor  while collecting the same amount of daylight. Skylights have found wide application admitting steady, even light in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Often the skylight, or a portion of it, functions as an operating window to admit air.Before selecting a skylight for your home, Gao Yong will recommend customer should determine what type of skylight will work best and where to place it to optimize its contribution to your home’s energy efficiency, daylighting, and ventilation.

Besides these,Installations range from purely functional daylighting to elaborate aesthetic forms. Flat-roofed buildings may have domed skylights; in others the skylight follows the slope of the roof. Building Departments also will regulate skylights to insure they are made from safe materials, that will not fall onto the occupants below if they brake.

Skylight have brought you a following benefits

  • Many case studies have been conducted that show significant improvements in employee performance where natural lighting has been introduced into their work environment.

  • Most diseases, especially chronic respiratory problems, are often associated with bacterial and fungal buildup in damp areas such as basements and bathrooms. Natural lighting can naturally lessen the production of harmful organisms. Sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants.

  •  is a free and available mood enhancer. It encourages us to produce vitamin D and protects us from seasonal mood changes.

  • Skylight  not only reduces energy costs and consumption, but also reduces the demand for unsustainable power that is currently challenging the health of the world’s environment.

  •  The warm air is drawn up through the venting skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air throughout the house.

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